Our Story

Born from a passion for design and a desire to create beautiful furniture, local tradesman John Bernard Duffy established John Bernard Kitchens in 1988. Since then, and with the inclusion of son Paul into the team, we have grown the company to become an established provider of handmade kitchens and a trusted partner to leading kitchen and appliance suppliers including Bora, Miele and Blanco

Combining traditional construction methods with modern and innovative designs, we’re committed to ensuring that every aspect of a project is of the highest possible quality. Our workshops are located at 198 Muldonagh Road in Foreglen, Co Derry, where we’re continuing a tradition of craftsmanship on the site of a former blacksmith’s workshop. In keeping with the heritage of the site, we strive for excellence in craftsmanship and aim to contribute to the wealth and wellbeing of the local community. We source materials locally, were possible, and work with specialists who must prove they can deliver consistently and to the high standards we set for John Bernard Kitchens.


We are committed to producing premium, quality craftsmanship with due care and respect for the environment both locally in Co Derry and internationally. Our timber is sourced from sustainably-managed forestries in Europe and North America and we never source timber products from areas where logging practices are uncontrolled or unregulated.


As a Northern Ireland based manufacturer, we work closely with our local environmental authorities to ensure full compliance with relevant standards and regulations. We try to use recycled packaging and products whenever possible and we avoid using excessive packaging if this doesn’t adversely affect how well products are protected in storage, in transit or during installation.


As the number and range of our successfully completed projects have grown, we have remained committed to our ethos and values: a focus on quality materials, traditional craftsmanship and innovative designs.